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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The CFA Disaster Relief Fund Assists Japan’s Cats in Need

Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami that rocked the northeast part of Japan on March 11, 2011 has left at least 18,000 people dead, with a rising toll of reported dead every day.  While we can ascertain the damage to human life and damage to Japan’s exterior, the often forgotten victims in a tragedy of this magnitude are the animals.  For Japanese pet owners, the decision to leave their animals is out of the question as they struggle to survive in unthinkable conditions. 

Photo Credit: Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

The CFA Disaster Relief Fund is ready to assist Japan’s cats in need of food, shelter and care.  The CFA Disaster Relief Fund is a totally volunteer effort.  Pam DelaBar, the head of The CFA Disaster Relief effort says,“We are very selective of the recipients and what to ensure from money to resources, as in cages for  affected animals, as with the recent earthquake in New Zealand and we make sure that the donations go to where it is most needed within each affected area.  If the Japanese Region does not establish a cat relief station, as was done after the Kobe earthquake in January 1995, then we will be donating to a Japanese veterinary group who is treating animals affected by the recent disaster."

Cat Island Survives the Earthquake
Amidst all of the sadness, is some good news.  Tashirojima, the small island in Ishinomaki City about 9 miles off the coast of otherwise known as “Cat Island” survived the earthquake.  Cat Island, with its shrine dedicated to cats which exists in the middle of the island, is a favorite of tourists and cat lovers alike.  Cat Island is home to at least 100 mostly elderly, people and many more cats which are valued for their practicality as well as their companionship as they keep the rodent population down in this fishing area. 

To take care of the cats of Japan affected by the earthquake, please send your donations to The Cat Fanciers’ Association Disaster Relief Fund. You can stipulate that your donation goes to a specific disaster effort.  You may send checks or money orders to:

Jan Rogers, Treasurer
PO BOX 1830
Stephenville, TX 76401


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